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Bin Tug - Shop MJW
Bin Tug - Shop MJW
Bin Tug - Shop MJW
Bin Tug - Shop MJW
Bin Tug - Shop MJW
Bin Tug - Shop MJW
  • SKU: BNT-ST-001

Bin Tug

    Specifically designed, the Bin Tug is intended to move and transport loads easily on all floor types. It provides gains in workplace productivity through a reduction in manpower required to move loads.

    It operates on 24-volt DC power provided by two 12-volt batteries. Built-in is an AC powered battery charger that can be plugged into any AC outlet with the provided AC power cord.

    Bin Tug XHD
    The Bin Tug XHD works very similarly to the standard unit, except for a few key features. It is equipped with a larger and stronger electric transaxle. This allows pushing or pulling a maximum capacity of 2,500 kgs, 500 kgs more than the standard Bin Tug. It’s also equipped with a main controller onboard fault display and a right-hand/left-hand tiller control handle.
    Motor Type 24-volt DC 750 watts
    Drive Mechanism Differential drive system
    Controller Fully programmable, with diagnostic facility
    Batteries 2 x 60 AMP/hour, wet type battery (HD deep cycle)
    Battery Charger Onboard 5 AMP charger
    Push/Pull Capacity Up to 2,000 kgs/Up to 2,500 kgs for XHD model (Subjected to rolling resistance)