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Eco Clip - Shop MJW
Eco Clip - Shop MJW
Eco Clip - Shop MJW
Eco Clip - Shop MJW
Eco Clip - Shop MJW
  • SKU: EBC-0012-00CB

Eco Clip


    Get ahead of odours and attack them directly at the source with the Eco Clip. It contains 30x more fragrance than standard rim sticks and releases a constant fragrance load over 30 days. Not to mention, it's 100% recyclable and won't dissolve when wet or pollute the water. Place the clip, logo side out, on the toilet rim, and lower the seat to secure it.

    The Eco Clip's versatile design allows it to be clipped just about anywhere. Clip it on toilet bowls, toilet tanks, plumbing lines, bathroom dividers, office cubicles, garbage cans, or even office chairs. Can also be thrown into gym/ hockey bags for 30 days of freshness. 

    Each case has 12 Eco Bowl Clips that are all individually wrapped to guarantee freshness.

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