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Landscaper's Choice Ice Melter
Landscaper's Choice Ice Melter
  • SKU: LC-S50-01

Landscaper's Choice Ice Melter

    With its formula made of calcium and magnesium acetate, Landscaper's Choice fast-acting de-icing salt is one of the least corrosive on the market, it stays on the surface longer and is less harmful to vegetation, compared to standard de-icers. It is safe on exterior wood and concrete surfaces and causes little damage when in contact with leather and shoes. It is coated with a green indicator, giving you good visibility of the quantity applied, which avoids any waste. 
    • Colored green for visual application and to avoid over-application of the product
    • Melts snow and ice quickly with a long-lasting residual melt time
    • Formulated with calcium magnesium acetate making it safer for vegetation and concrete when used as directed
    • Formulated to be less harmful to the environment when used as directed, requiring fewer applications and less product per application

    50lb Bag