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Broom & Dust Pan Combo
Broom & Dust Pan Combo
Broom & Dust Pan Combo
  • SKU: DP-BDP-001

Broom & Dust Pan Combo


    Clean with the dynamic pairing of the Lobby Dustpan and Angle broom. This light-weight ergonomic duo is a staple for any situation for quick clean-up of debris. Whether it’s the hard-to-reach corners or your everyday floors, use the split-tip fibers of the angle broom to remove dirt/ dust and effectively capture it with the easy maneuvering dustpan. Perfect in stadiums, lobbies, cafeterias, parking lots, drive-thrus, commercial facilities and more.

    Materials Plastic broom handle and a plastic pan with an aluminium handle
    Overall Pan Length Standing and open: 32.5", Closed and hanging: 38"
    Pan Size (H x W x D) 6" x 12.25" x 11"
    Pan Handle Length 27"
    Pan Handle Diameter 1.5"
    Overall Broom Length 34"
    Broom Width 7"
    Bristle Length 3.75" - 4.25"
    Broom Handle Length 27.5"
    Broom Handle Diameter 0.75"
    Packaging (Qty) 1